Hamp The Vamp

Hamp the Vamp

– Bass and bass synth


“A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy? “

– Favourite quote by Albert Einstein

On my playlist

Rush, Porcupine tree, A.C.T, Dream theater, Neil zaza, Kent, Thåström, Rome, Love Antell, Melissa Horn. The police, Marrilion, Fox Shazam...

Favourite movies

Can´t really think of a favourite movie but art in any form that you get moved by is my cup of tea.

Things U didn't know

- Has worked as a captain for 3 years.
- Slept in a hamper for a month.
- Cries when peeling potatoes.
- Would like to star in a survival TV-show.
- Used to have night terrors as a child.