Press Kit

Psyckadeli is a band that puts the emphasis on both the musical and the visual experience, at our live shows. Our song selection, image and lighting go hand in hand for a great experience with us as a band.
There are no rules for us when it comes to creating our songs. We don’t limit ourselves to a particular genre and we keep an open mind, to how we sound, so we can create the best music for the band.
We have many different influences within the band. All band members listen to a lot of different artists and we are inspired by many different styles of music. This makes our sound spectra very wide. You might even say that there is something for everyone in Psyckadeli.
An important thing for us, is that no one has ever compared us, straight off to any other band. So we belive that we have found a unique style and our own sound.
In the autumn of 2019, we did an acclaimed European tour with Psyckadeli. With gigs in Romania, Hungary and Croatia. Currently we are writing new music, recording, and producing music videos. The new music is mixed by none other than Martin Sweet from Crash Diet. The result so far is looking very promising.


For booking and other info contact:


Sven Morén

Cell: (+46)70 87 403 71