Elements of Psyckadeli

Welcome to the world of Psyckadeli

Psyckadeli is a musical institution where the musician and songwriter “Max Haze” is the main driving force. Since the beginning the goal has been to create the concept “The future wall of sound”. Where the music should not be able to be categorized in the form of any specific genre, it should simply be cross-border regardless of what form it is presented in. The music that has now been created and presented is a small glimpse of a long and evolving journey that has only just begun, a journey with new concepts both within the music’s artistic universe.

During the years Psyckadeli has featured artist like Elin Vikner, Mija Holmqvist, Chris Crash, Nea Ekdahl Bejmar, Tina Pries, Anders Carlsson, Roxzy Maze, Hamp the Vamp, Pirata GBG, Paul Ekdahl, Mike Strike, Pontus Ottenfelt, Uffe Tillman, Hajdie Karlsson and many more to come in the future.

So welcome to the world of Psyckadeli. Just one way in and no way out…

“Inside every person there is dream waiting to come out, for some of us it is hidden so deep it takes years to find and for others it stays as a guiding star, shining brighter every day. In the beginning that dream was strong and free, today still strong but in the mind of a grown up and now filled with devotion. This is for all of us, dare to live yours”

Max Haze of Psyckadeli